Healing Hands Care Home

Our residential care home provide a safe, warm and friendly environment where our teams can support in the daily tasks which may have become more difficult to cope with, such as washing, dressing, administering medication or preparing meals. At Healing Hands Care Home we believe that everyone has the right to live their life the way they want to but, as we get older, we understand that it’s not always as easy to do all the things we used to do – or even the things we want to do.

Protecting our residents’ privacy, dignity and individuality is at the heart of everything we do at Healing Hands Care Home.  This why we take the time to get to know each of our residents on a personal level to really understand them.  We want to get to know their emotional and spiritual needs, as well as about their physical health and wellbeing needs, so we can create the right plan of care for them.

  • Assist with person care needs.
  • Assist with medication management.
  • Assist with community and leisure care activities.
  • Assist with attending health care appointments

Respite Care

We offer 24-hour respite care for older people who need extra support following an operation or illness, or for temporary care while their regular carer takes a well-earned break

Everyone staying with us for a respite break will receive personalised care, tailored to their individual needs. They’ll have their own furnished room, be welcomed into the home and encouraged to take part in the life of the home and the many activities on offer.

When someone is taking a short-term break with us, we want to give that person the confidence and individual support they need to retain their independence with the view to returning home, though permanent care may be sometimes considered in the longer term.

Dementia Residential Care

We provide specialised care for people living with dementia who also require around the clock nursing support. Every member of our care team receives training tailored to providing dementia residential care. Our residential dementia care services support people to maintain their independence and individuality, encouraging social activity and building relationships within the home.

Living with dementia can make everyday activities and tasks seem overwhelming, but this can often be relieved by changes to the environment. As the perception of the world around them changes, a person may experience increased feelings of disorientation, often manifesting in anxiety and other feelings of stress. As a result, a high quality safe and homely environment can provide comfort and enable people to retain independence and  Healing Hands Care Home is the right place.

Supported Living

We also do Supported living/ accommodation for learning disabilities, mental health issues clients and young people leaving care. Healing Hands Care Limited aims to support each tenant in maintaining their accommodation and provide the appropriate level of personal care and support to sustain a healthy and independent life. It is the duty of Healing Hands Care Limited to work with the tenants to understand how they wish their care and support to be delivered to meet the personal outcomes they have identified in their care plan. Healing Hands Care Limited will ensure the care plans are reviewed in order to measure the care plan outcomes. Healing Hands Care Limited will also focus on reablement. This will be done by supporting the tenant to make improvements in their health and wellbeing, where this is identified as a personal outcome in their care plan. This may include support to maintain their current levels of ability, re-learn skills they previously had or learn new skills.

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